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“I have always had a problem making exercise a part of my life…. My lack of working out… had greatly weakened my skeletal structure, leaving me with chronic knee and shoulder pain, and very poor posture. After training with Eric, I am noticeably stronger and my posture is greatly improved. The fact that I’m no longer in pain had given me the motivation to exercise in order to stay pain free. With my new found physical strength, I was surprised to find that I also became stronger mentally and emotionally- proving that a healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand….. Training with Eric is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” --- 53 yr. old client of 6 months



“Unquestionably, training with Eric has been the key to my success in transforming my body in the span of a few short months. By his effectively designing a fitness routine for me that incorporates core weight training exercises - including heavy lifting, I have been able to increase my lean muscle mass and still lose weight and inches. Along with the physical transformations, I am also gaining a tremendous amount of health and fitness related knowledge…. I can trust him to provide me with the distilled, sensible, real world application of information. Thanks to Eric, I am better able to differentiate between what is healthy and what is hype…. I look forward to continuing my training, setting new and higher fitness goals, and experiencing more results.” -- 35 yr. old client of 1 year and personal trainer



“If you have the right personal trainer, the benefits of one on one training can go far beyond physical fitness – A good trainer not only has the skills to help you achieve the body you want, but can also contribute to the mental healing that many of us need as a result of the stressful world we live in. Eric…. understands the need for this multidimensional approach, and he has the expertise to take you as far as you want to go.” --- 43 yr. old client of 4 years



“Eric’s credentials and experience allow him to design strength, aerobic, and balance routines that are not only effective, but safe as well. He is knowledgeable, personable, responsible, and easy to work with…… flexible with his scheduling to meet your needs.
His many long term clients speak to his success as a trainer. Highly recommended!”
--- 48 yr. old client of 5 years




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